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Welcome to ‘Making Affordable Homes Happen’ in Auckland.

‘Making Affordable Homes Happen’ in Auckland is the joint creation of a number of Supporting Organisations bringing together information on current and proposed plans and programmes to deliver on affordable housing in the Auckland region.

With a population projected to increase by half a million people over the next 20 years, Auckland has reached a critical point with its housing. The growth in people will continue to fuel the demand for more houses, while at the same time the size, age and structure of homes are changing, making it more expensive and more difficult for many to afford to own their own home. These drivers require new ways of operating in order to provide a variety of affordable housing solutions across the Housing Continuum.

This website contains information on how affordable housing is being supported through legislation, targeted action plans and initiatives that Auckland Council and the Government are undertaking to meet the housing affordability challenge. It includes information on the Community Housing Sector, which is comprised of not for profit organisations that are committed to meeting the housing needs of low and moderate income groups. You will also find Case Studies on affordable housing projects that show the breadth and depth of what is happening on the ground. The FAQ section provides answers to many questions you may have about the provision of affordable housing in Auckland.

This site will be regularly updated with new developments that positively affect the provision of affordable housing in Auckland.

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