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Community Housing Providers have capacity to enter into agreements with developers.

Community Housing Providers build, buy, lease, manage and refurbish affordable housing in Auckland, in addition to providing social wrap-around services to support sustainable tenancies.

Auckland has a significant need for more housing, but specifically for affordable housing for low income families. CHPs with households earning around and below the median household income (currently around $75,000 per year in Auckland). Many low income households struggle to pay market rent, and may need a range of support services to facilitate their independence. There are also those whose housing needs are best met through a form of assisted ownership.

As outlined through the Housing Continuum section and in the chart below, CHPs deliver a range of rental tenures and pathways to home ownership.


Emergency Housing Fully Supported Rental Assisted Rental Affordable Assisted Ownership Market Affordable
Temporary accommodation for individuals and families who have an urgent need for accommodation because they have nowhere else to stay, or are unable to remain in their usual place of residence. Subsidized rental combined with wrap-around supportive services appropriate to the household needs. Rents funded by a tenant portion with the balance of the market rent provided by the Income Related Rent Subsidy. Also includes the Community Group Housing programme. Subsidized rental only. Rents funded by a tenant portion with the balance of the market rent provided by the Accommodation Supplement, or set at 70%-80% of market rent with other capital funding provided. Pathways to home ownership, including rent-to-buy, affordable equity, and shared equity programmes.

Also known as ‘income related, retained affordable housing’

Full ownership, usually up to 75% of the median home price, for smaller units/homes within a development. Also known as ‘Price-relative affordable housing’.
Who Delivers the tenure Providers include Monte Cecelia, Vision West, Auckland City Mission and others. All CHRA-registered CHPs and HNZC. All CHPs. Providers include New Zealand Housing Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and others. Private Sector.
How Funded Emergency Housing funding, Capital Grants, philanthropic investment. IRRS, Capital Grants, Retained Equity, Housing Bond, philanthropic invesment. Capital Grants, Retained Equity, Housing Bond, Accommodation Supplement. Retained Equity, Housing Bond; Welcome Home Loan, Kiwisaver/Home Start (via HNZC). Welcome Home Loan, Kiwisaver / HomeStart (via HNZC).



Last modified: September 28, 2015

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