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Community Housing Providers have been building, buying, leasing, managing and refurbishing quality affordable housing in Auckland for decades.

Community housing is community based and focuses on meeting the housing needs of a wide range of low and moderate income groups, who have a diverse range of needs, such as health, mobility or social needs, people who have kinship relationships, and the elderly.

The community housing sector is made up of a variety of organisational forms including Māori organisations, not-for-profit companies, charitable trusts and incorporated societies. These organisations are not-for-profit and not-for-dividend entities, and reinvest any profits back into providing services and housing, with the goal of delivering long term housing affordability.

Community Housing Providers are skilled affordable and social housing practitioners, and are monitored by the Community Housing Regulatory Authority.

In Auckland, the community housing sector collaborates as the Auckland Community Housing Providers Network with policy and member support services provided by Community Housing Aotearoa, the national peak body.



Members of the Auckland Community Housing Providers Network (ACHPN) are:


Providers also active in Auckland include:

To be eligible to purchase a retained affordable dwelling in a Special Housing Area, purchasers must be a registered Community Housing Provider or be Housing New Zealand Corporation.

Further Information

Further information on Community Housing Providers can be found at:

Community Housing Aotearoa

Community Housing Aotearoa is a national organisation established in 2004 to serve as the umbrella body for New Zealand’s community housing sector. It has a unique position in providing leadership and policy expertise in community housing, coalescing the views of its housing and service provider members and strategic partners.

Scott Figenshow (Director)
Phone: 04-385-8722

Auckland Community Housing Provider Network

A network of community housing providers operating in the Auckland region, that creates homes within communities that work for all ages and life stages.

The organisational knowledge, experience and expertise within ACHPN is significant. Between us, we potentially represent the most skilled collection of affordable housing practitioners in New Zealand.

Our experience and skill base is comprehensive and includes: tenancy management, asset management, affordable property development, project management, social services provision and community engagement and participation.

We have proven skills and experience in working individually and collaboratively to take housing projects from idea to completion; delivering high quality, affordable, innovative and healthy homes for local communities.

Peter Jeffries (Network Chair and also Executive Director of Community of Refuge Trust)

Last modified: September 28, 2015

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