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There is support available all the way through the development process.

Auckland Council can provide current price point information on relative affordable and retained affordable as well as assist with highlighting the considerations of pursuing each of the three options to meet the affordable housing requirements in Special Housing Areas.


The following graphic is to provide guidance to developers of 15 or more dwellings in Special Housing Areas on how and when to go about meeting the affordable housing requirements.

For further information and a full list of criteria, visit the Auckland Council website.


Project Phase: Project initiation and feasibility Project planning and design Project consenting Project delivery and monitoring
Special Housing Area (SHA) phase: SHA establishment SHA masterplanning SHA consenting
(and plan variation if required)
Affordable housing actions:
  • Review Special Housing Area affordability requirements
  • Meet with Auckland Council to discuss options
  • Assess relative affordable and retained affordable options for the development
  • Contact the Auckland Community Housing Providers Network through Council
  • If ‘retained affordable’ option pursued, enter into an agreement with a Community Housing Provider
  • Finalise type and location of affordable housing
  • Provide evidence to Auckland Council of affordable housing provision in development, including location and design where applicable
  • Work with a Community Housing Provider to deliver affordable housing
  • If ‘relative affordable’ option pursued, provide evidence to Auckland Council of eligibility of the purchaser



Last modified: September 28, 2015

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