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special-housing-areas-iconSpecial Housing Areas

A Special Housing Area (SHA) is a specially designated location identified by Auckland Council for fast-track development, with the aim of boosting Auckland’s affordable housing supply.

SHAs are attractive to developers of residential properties, as the planning and consents processes can be accelerated.

SHAs are located in many different areas across Auckland (see here for their locations). New SHAs are being identified on a regular basis. Affordable housing developments are already underway within SHAs, for example in the Waimahia Estate, South Auckland.

Click here to read case studies about other affordable housing developments in Auckland.

In general an area can become a SHA when:

•  There is demand for housing in the area;
•  Developers/ are ready and able to build;
•  There is capacity to build infrastructure;
•  Developers/landowners commit to a minimum amount of affordable housing.
Click here to find out more about the requirements for SHAs.

If your development is not located in a SHA you can still contribute to affordable housing provision through other means so please contact your local community housing organisation here to find out more.

Last modified: September 10, 2015

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