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A number of organisations have collaborated to provide the information on this website.

Making Affordable Homes Happen in Auckland is a jointly held objective of these organisations, as together, along with others, they bring private, public, social and business capacity and acumen to deliver affordable housing solutions in Auckland.



Auckland Council

The Auckland Council is the local government council for the Auckland region. Its governing body consists of a mayor and 20 councillors.

Auckland Council is addressing housing affordability in a number of ways to help tackle Auckland’s housing issues and help boost the building of affordable homes in Auckland under the Auckland Housing Accord.

These include integrating housing policy and delivery, implementing the Housing Action Plan, delivering on the Auckland Housing Accord as well as ensuring infrastructure is in place to support Special Housing Areas and other growth areas within the Rural Urban Boundary.




Community Housing Aotearoa


Community Housing Aotearoa is a national organisation established in 2004 to serve as the umbrella body for New Zealand’s community housing sector. It has a unique position in providing leadership and policy expertise in community housing, coalescing the views of its housing and service provider members and strategic partners. CHA is committed to a vision of ‘All New Zealanders Well Housed’ and through its sector-wide strategy ‘Our Place’ puts forward a platform to deliver homes for a further 50,000 people by 2020.



New Zealand Council
for Infrastructure Development (NZCID)


The New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development (NZCID) is the respected peak infrastructure body in New Zealand. Formed in 2004, NZCID’s membership comprises 80 of New Zealand’s leading private and public sector infrastructure organisations including construction, design, and engineering firms to the major lending institutions, equity investors, utility providers and professional service providers. NZCID’s core purpose is to advance best practice in the development of world class infrastructure for all New Zealanders. NZCID is committed to the alleviation of Auckland’s affordable housing shortage and its members contribute a broad range of expertise and resources to the housing crisis in Auckland.



Bank of New Zealand


One of the biggest challenges currently facing Auckland is responding to the demands of ongoing growth and change. The future economic and social well-being of New Zealand’s largest city requires the provision of affordable housing. However, the challenges of providing this in a rapidly growing city are varied and complex and require the private sector, local and central government to join together in developing the way forward. As the largest banker of community housing organisations in New Zealand, the Bank of New Zealand is proud to join support the New Zealand Council for Infrastructure, Community Housing Aotearoa and Auckland Council to provide an integrated and practical development and planning resource for housing providers, to ensure Aucklanders have access to quality housing as the city grows.

Kieran Ryan Director
Institutional Banking
Phone: (09) 976 5012






As a business that leads infrastructure development projects globally, Beca is committed to transforming our world through sustainable communities for this future. In this, affordable housing is critical. Beca sees Making Affordable Homes Happen as an opportunity to positively contribute to Auckland’s future, providing a platform which will support the emerging and developing community and social housing sectors in the city and throughout New Zealand. Beca is pleased to be working with the partners in the development of this site and looks forward a more sustainable community that better meets the needs of all Aucklanders.

Last modified: April 15, 2016

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