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housing-continuum-iconThe Housing Continuum

The community housing sector sees a future where mixed-income, mixed tenure communities are the norm…

with high quality homes that are warm, dry, easy to take care of, and inexpensive to run and maintain. These are homes that enhance health and well-being, homes people can be proud of, in communities that people feel part of, and where every person can have a stake in their future, whether they rent or own their home.

The community housing sector delivers a full continuum of housing from the development and construction of new housing and the ownership and provision of affordable rental housing, to the facilitation of affordable home ownership options.

The community housing sector’s vision is that all New Zealanders are well-housed and have choices across the “Housing Continuum”, a housing pathway that is available to meet the varied needs of any household, at a price they can truly afford, today and tomorrow.


CHPs address the full continuum from emergency housing through to secure tenure rental and pathways into home ownership, supporting community and family outcomes through mixed-income, mixed-tenure communities.

Rental tenure is offered to eligible families, where the household pays an income-related rent (usually 25% of the household income), and the CHP is eligible for the Income Related Rent Subsidy (IRRS), which tops up the tenant rent to a market rent. The CHP also coordinates wrap-around supportive services as needed, and handles the tenancy management services. In some cases when the family is not eligible for the income related rent subsidy, the CHP may provide the rental on a 75%-80% of market rent basis. As a households income increases, reassessment occurs and may result in payment of a full market rent.

Assisted Ownership is offered primarily through two different types of tenure products:

  • Rent-to-buy programmes provide an affordable rental accommodation, but with the ability to purchase the home as a portion of the rent is accrued toward the family deposit.
  • Shared ownership (affordable equity) programmes enable a family to qualify to purchase typically 60%-85% of the market value of the home through a tenants-in-common legal agreement, with the CHP holding the remaining % share.

An example of the housing continuum at work can be seen in the case study of Waimahia Inlet and at their website:

Last modified: September 28, 2015

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